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:. Haiku .:
(7 novembre 2007)

vecchia scuola
l'edera ricopre
le parolacce

spring moonlight;
on the sapling's branch
an unexpected flower

smoke on the water -
stars' reflections

Late October;
in the lingering leaves,
the scent of first snow

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
rising stars
from my house to yours
six constellations

lost pilgrim
can't recognize the stars
strange heaven

learning to paint
transform my ink drops
into crows

invisible crows
on your white page
black isn't a colour

haiku secret:
there aren't secrets
but Mystery...

one little drop
mystery of the ocean
on your cheek

haiku secret:
in one quick glance
eternal admiration

the same words
but freshness on the Univers
in one true haiku

nothing but
three Basho's lines
always remembered

so silent this dawn
a spring ruthlessly captured
by the first ice...

...yet the sun lingers
desparate to abandon
evening raindrops

deaf passers-by
little yellow rings
of the daffodils

rain drops
beating to the ground
a wounded crane

:. Tanka .:

crows have gone
the air is still and silent
all is right
and now, at last
I'm crying

only known
by the simplest of words:
flower's tenderness.
yet you dare not speak
sighing beside a daffodil

behold the full moon!
from so afar come
strange tidins:
tomorrow it will rain
but you are not forgotten

even in early spring
before leaf or blossom
I would tell you from the others
by softness of your skin

crescent moon!
how long will I linger
at the dawn in the garden
an islet of dry grass

N.B.: Le composizioni presenti in questa sezione sono di proprietà letteraria dei rispettivi autori. Non è stata apportata nessuna correzione ai testi da parte della redazione.

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